Planning your 2021

Your best year is about to start. During this season, you have the same stomach tickles than when you unwrap a present. We all have in front of us, a brand new year, with tons of dreams and goals we want to achieve. So here I am, with 5 advises that can help you plan your time ahead and accomplish everything you come up with. Twenty Twenty One, here we go!
Sit comfortable, have a cup of coffee or tea (wine also allowed). Put your phone on mute and visualize your entire year. Ask your self what do you want to do? What dream you have been postponing because you haven’t really, really work on it? Grab paper and pencil and write it down. And most of all, visualize yourself achieving it. Go figure the happiness you would feel reaching your dreams.
After dreaming away, you need to put your feet on the ground and set the goals you want to achieve THIS year. Think about one or two actual targets you want to get and can be doable in a 365 days period. Achievements that means a lot to you and you will need to work a lot for it. Lose those pounds, write that book, start that business. Name your goal.


When you think in an entire year, you think there is plenty of time ahead. But when you think in a three months period, you get more serious and know you need to specify and act. Divide that big goal into quarters. Smaller targets that can be achieved by March, June, September, and December. With a big 2021 in it, so you don’t forget that this is “DA” year.
Then, grab the Printable Monthly Planner by Thiiis Much. Print one for January, one for February and another for March. Put a definite date on your goals. Also, write down your other special events, like Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays. Don’t forget anything.
Every Sunday night (or early Monday morning), fill the Printable Weekly Planner with all the activities you need to do during that week. But be realistic! You’re not Wonder Woman (sometimes you look like though). Remember that, ideally, you will sleep 8 hours and work or study 8 hours. The other 8 hours are to do things out of work. Never, please, never forget to give time for your self, your family and friends, and your projects.
Write down in your Printable Daily Planner what needs to be done that day. I insist, even those things not related to work like walking the dog, take your kids to the playground, have a coffee with your friend, call you mom. It is so nice when you make a check mark on your to-do list!
To know if we are going on track, and we are achieving what we set out, we need to be monitoring. I recommend doing monthly balances. Check your accomplishments to know how much you have conquered, and how much is left. If you consider that you need to rearrange your quarterly plan, check it and change it.
I invite you to read my blog post: Get focused like a Zen Master. It will help you to focus on what needs to be done, and finally, to achieve your goals.
Each Thiiis Much Printable Planners kit comes with a Weekly Meal Planner. Because there is something that every person that runs a house knows, and don’t talk about it: how terribly booooring is to think every single day what we are going to eat. E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y is the same thing. But since everything on earth has a solution (or almost everything), the Weekly Meal Planner comes to help you. Planning ahead what you are going to eat during the week saves tons of time, effort, and money. It even helps us to have a healthier life because we don’t end up eating in restaurants or asking for deliveries.
Print Mockup
In my Etsy Shop, there are three Printable Planner kits, I called them Classic, Gray, and Neat. All of them with monthly, weekly and daily planners, plus the weekly meal planner. Download them once, and print them as many times as you need.
These are my 5 + 1 planning advises. I hope they can help you to achieve, or at least get as close as you can, your goals and live your dreams.
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  1. Maravilloso Cyn !! Me encanto y estoy en ello !! Además con tu blog practico el inglés !! Así que te lo agradezco por partida doble !!

    Éxitos mi gente !!

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