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A HOLIDAY PLANNER to be ready to party! (+free printable)

You’ve already left those days of light dresses and sandals behind, your summer tan has already taken off, the temperature began to drop … you start seeing in the commercials people with scarves wrapped around their neck, drinking steaming cups of coffee. Yup, winter is coming and with it the holidays. Wait, what ??? Really??? Yes, dear. Christmas is coming and with it the stress of the immensity of things that we do these days: meals with friends, celebrations at work, gifts for teachers, secret santas, and many family gatherings.

These are days of many laughs, hugs and eating tasty, but also a lot of stress with the number of things that are added to our already busy days. One way to reduce this stress a bit is to be organized. Plan everything in advance, writing everything down, so nothing is missed.

For you, my dear friend, I bring you this bundle of planners to help you with everything that is coming. You can start planning the gifts for each person, so when you go shopping you already know what you are going to get (stop by Thiiis Much, there are gifts for eeeveryone). You can also plan each event in your home, without having to go out to buy that last-minute bag of ice. And of course, you can have your shopping list ready for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and be the first to hit that BUY button.

To download your holiday planner for free, click HERE!

The rest, honey, will be sitting on your cozy sofa, scarf on the neck, enjoying the steaming cup of coffee.

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