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Do you love your pet? Then you’ll love this story.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

Bernard Williams

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

Smigund Freud

This time I’m going to tell you a personal story. My kids and I used to have a Siberian Husky when we were living in Houston, TX. As you can see, he was incredibly handsome:

His name is Thor, but my kids call him Tory-Tory. He loved to play with my kids in the backyard and he walked with me on their way to school.

But, when we moved to Madrid, Spain, we had to leave him there with my sister (actually, was her dog, but we loved him as he was ours). My kids miss him so much! They were asking for him all the time.

Here’s the story

A few months later after we moved, I was watching on the news that a volcano erupted in Guatemala. The images were amazing and frightening. My kids asked me:

“Where is that?”

“That’s Volcán de Fuego. It’s in Guatemala.”

“Is that in América??” with a little anxious voice.

“Yes, that’s Central América.”

“I that close to Houston???” now very anxious and their eyes wide open.

“No, is not that close.”

“Thank God Tory-Tory is Ok!” Finally relieved because their dog was safe from the volcano.

They weren’t worried about their Grandma, their cousins or aunts that still live in Houston. They were only worried about their pet.

At the beginning I was like “OMG, my kids are so cold-hearted!” but then I realized that nothing is more cute and sensitive than their love for Tory-Tory.

Anyone who has had a pet throughout his life knows how important they become. No matter how small, furry or noisy they are, we love them and they love us Thiiis Much.

Speaking of Thiiis Much…

And speaking of Thiiis Much, I have new personalized products with pets. You can choose your cat or tell me the breed of your dog, and I’ll personalize your mug. Then, the only thing you need to do is brag in your office of having the most beautiful cat or dog of the whole wide world.

Coffee mug for cat lovers

Coffe mug for dog persons, like me 😉

Get a mug showing your whole family

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