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Personalized gifts that will make your Holiday Season more exciting.

Like any self-respecting entrepreneur-multitasking mom, we need to be planned and forehanded to handle our everyday to-do list. Raise your hand if you’re in my team. That’s why now, in mid-October, I’m already thinking on next Holidays’ gifts. If you haven’t thought about it, I invite you to do it. So that doesn’t catch you off guard and then you have to run and get any last-minute gift.

Because if there’s something thrilling, it is to give thoughtful presents. Those gifts that are so special that who gives them is more excited than who receives them. And that, my friend, happens when you give personalized gifts.

And since I started offering customized gifts in Thiiis Much, designing and producing them has also become a very exciting experience.

There have been customers that tell me how excited they are by giving their gifts. Others leave me an incredible review after delivering the gifts. Emotional and exciting stories that had made my everyday work incredibly motivating.

Here are some of them:

Catie purchased this mug in December 2017…

personalized_gifts 6

Then, she came back in April 2018 to get this one:

personalized_gifts 5

This was for a thankful couple.

personalized_gifts 3

This bags was for a best friend’s birthday!

personalized_gifts 2

My heart melts when the stories involve grandparents and grandkids.

personalized_gifts 7

She was so in love with Asim, that I had to run making this gift before he leaves.

personalized_gifts 4

She sent me the picture of her boy and he was sooo adorable!

personalized_gifts 1


I invite you to think about who you want to give this Holidays that special gift, the one that will tickle your stomach while the other person opens it. Then, visit Thiiis Much and look at the options we have. I am telling you this in advance so we can personalize your gifts calmly, without a last-minute rush, so the results are as special as you want them. Personalize your gifts and you will see that this coming gift-giving season can be even more exciting.



This, not only apply for Holidays.  Birthdays, Father’s and Mother’s Days, goodbye presents, welcoming present, are better when you customize them.

To complete the “specialness” of your present, there are some wrapping ideas in this post.

Plus, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get amazing sales and discounts.



Thank you for reading me till the end Ü

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