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12 Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Let’s face it: giving presents to a man is not that easy. Sports cars, football teams, and fishing boats are quite expensive. And when you have to buy presents for your dad, your hubby and maybe some friend or brother, things get complicated. That’s why in Thiiis Much we have made these personalized coffee mugs that make a unique present for your most handsome, superhero, gentlemen, adorable… Dad.


Look at these custom coffee mugs. You can personalize it adding your face or your kid’s face. Either if the present is for Dad or for Grandpa:



If dad is an outdoor person and love to spend time outside, here are some unique gifts for him:



If he is one of those Papa that loves to cook on Sundays, here is his coffee mug:



All these gifts go perfectly together with our “Dad, I love you Thiiis Much” girl or boy card, either in our standard version or customized. You will be The. Best. Child. Ever! And the best part is that are Instant Download Ü.



Do not forget Grandpa! They also have their boy or girl Father’s Day Card.


These cards can be “upgraded” to an 8″ x 10″ wall art. And can be personalized.



Look for these cards or wall arts in our Etsy shop and enjoy 10% off on the entire store, during our Father’s Day Sale Event.



But if you want 15% Off subscribe to our newsletter. Also, you will receive sales, freebies, gift ideas, and great content directly to your email.


Thank you for reading me till the end!


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