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12 Top Tips for a Mid-Year Goals Review (+Free Printables)

Hi, my friend! In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how to get rid of the pounds we just got in December. Wait, what??? We’re already in May and almost half of the year is gone??? How? When??? We were drinking eggnog, like, two weeks ago!

Time flies in a blink of an eye. Suddenly we realized our dreams have been postponed because we haven’t work on them. This is why is so important to write down our goals and above all, keep track on it. And what a better time to review our progress that the middle of the year.

So, instead of talking about how to lose weight (well, this is STILL one of my goals) let’s make a balance of our year. We need to realize what has worked and what doesn’t, to make sure the rest of the year will be productive and end it up with our goals achieved.

Before we start, let’s have some considerations:


1 Considerations.

Consideration 1: Ask yourself: What is the success for you?

Where do you want to go? How do you want your life to be in three years? I suggest you write down your dreams in order to make them real.


Consideration 2: To make great things happen.

We need to get out of that comfort zone. We need to think outside of it and go beyond its limits whenever necessary.


Consideration 3:  We’re not superwomen.

There are only 24 hours a day and we also have to take care of our family, body, and our job. We also need to save time to recreation and to rest. This is why I recommend you to keep your goal list short. Pick one or two and place your focus on them.


Now that we know where do we want to go, let’s make a balance of what have we done so far.


2 Make a balance.

Take those annual goals you wrote the last December and read them carefully. Let’s make ourselves some questions:

Question 1: What have I achieved during this year?

Write down all the achievements, the progress you have done from December 2017 to May 2018.


Question 2: What helped me to achieve these things?

Jot down all the actions and new habits that you have introduced into your daily routine, that have brought you closer to the fulfillment of your goals


Question 3: What haven’t helped to achieve these things?

It’s crucial to know and to understand what habits or actions hinder us from achieving our goals. We need to realize what prevents us from becoming the person we want to be


Question 4: What do I need to change in my daily routine?

Now that you’re clear about what is blocking the way to achieve your goal, take action to change it. We need to become the person we want to be in order to have the life we want to live.


3 The next 6 months.

After we have evaluated what we have done during the last six months, we are going to carry out a more effective system to complete this year full of happy dancings. And the best way to concrete your dreams is keeping your vision long, but your goals short. This means, let’s divide our goals into more small and doable tasks.


A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.

Action 1: Draw your vision for the end of this year.

As I told you before, let’s start with one or two very important goals to be achieved by December. How is that great vision? It must be doable within six months and with the resources, we have now. Dream big with common sense, my dear.


A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

Action 2: Break down that goal into three-months actions.

Write down all the actions, activities and deadlines to achieve them. This can be in a brainstorming way. After this, set monthly agendas, organized weekly tasks list and perform daily activities. Always keep in mind the resources you count on, and your availability. If you are a working home mom, probably need to consider that you won’t be as productive as you should during the kids’ summer break. I invite you to follow the 5 advises I wrote my article “Planning your 2018”, using the Printable Planner set you can find in my shop.


A plan backed by actions, make your dreams come true. 

Acción 3: Take action.

Grab your daily planner, fill it with 4 to 6 activities and carry them out.


Action 4: Midseason Review

By September, after three months following these steps, make a balance and evaluate it again. Setting short terms goals is an easier way to see concrete results. And when we see actual results, we keep us motivated.


Bonus track: mood board and motivations

Moodboards are a very useful tool to keep us motivated. It’s a collage of pictures and texts that help us visualize our goals. For this, I recommend you to get into Pinterest and create a new board. Fill it with images that show where you want to go. Also, look for inspirational quotes, there are thousands of them. Search using keywords or phrases that include your goal. Then, print your favorite ones and stick them in this Printable Mood Board. Hang it or place it in a very visible place.


To finish this article, I invite you to read my 10 Tips to get focused like a Zen master, because not only planning, you can achieve your goals. You need to execute that plan and is better to keep you focused.


To start right now with your Midyear Goal Review, you can download the printables templates for free HERE!



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