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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Active Moms

Everybody knows that moms are a kind of Wonderwoman. They have the ability to find anything that is lost, they heal our wounds,  they clean the house while cooking a meal talking by phone, all at the same time. And there are some moms that go beyond and find the time to train themselves to stay healthy and be stronger. For them, Thiiis Much brings these unique gifts. Whether she runs, does pilates or yoga, there is a gift specially made for her because you can personalize her face and her passion.

Great gift ideas for the most important women in your life: Mom and Grandma. But you know we have more important moms in our lives, like aunts, grandmoms, sister or friends.

If you want to complete your gift with a unique card or wall art, you can also check what Thiiis Much has to celebrate Mother’s Day: 7 Mother’s Day cards and posters ideas.  Also, 5 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas from the Cutest Kids.




  1. This lovely coffee mug will be ready very early in the morning before mom jumps on the road. When she likes coffee there are not enough coffee mugs.
  2. After all that tons of activities Mom does during the day, she needs a very relaxing time. Practicing yoga is that reset that every mom needs after a stressful day. In this tote bag, she can carry her mat, face towel and that granola bar she loves.
  3. And then, when she arrives home after yoga, she can complete her relaxing time with this throw pillow. This soft pillow is an excellent addition that adds character to any space.
  4. This classic tote bag can withstand whatever your mom throws in it, from the extra pair of shoes to her pilates mat.
  5. They say a little bit of coffee is a great way to help your mind and body push harder when consumed before working out. So here is a unique coffee mug for your running mom that can be personalized.

Look for these cards or wall arts in our Etsy shop and enjoy 20% off on the entire store, only for this month.

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