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Eat your (seasonal) fruits!

We all know that to have a healthier life, we need to consume 2 to 3 pieces of fruits each day. But is also important to make the right decision when choosing your fruits. The supply of locally produced fruits changes depending on the time of year. And there are a lot of benefits of consuming the seasonal fruits. They are fresher, healthier and taste better than those that have been stored and transported from places far away. Also, they are cheaper and environmentally friendly, because they are produced by local farming in your area.
So, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, these are the fruits you should consume from March to June.
Basic CMYK
Also, I bring you some delicious recipes, from some of my favorites sites, which the main ingredient is a spring fruit:
Cami, from the Crafty Nook by Titicrafty has perfectioned the recipe of one of my favorite treats of my whole life!
Say thanks to Mayi Carles, because these are going to be a hit at your next party!
Bonnie Cristine brings us this jam that works perfect over a toast or as a salad dressing.
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1 thought on “Eat your (seasonal) fruits!”

  1. Where are blueberries and cherries in season in spring? I’m from Northern Hemisphere (sweden) and all berries are growing in late summer and early autumn. Buying blueberries in march would not be buying local seasonal produce. Bananas, mangoes, citrus and pineapple don’t grow well here at all, I think your poster and article can be misleading to some.
    Take care


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