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Valentine’s Day peculiar gift guide.

Ohhh… l’amour!!! Valentine’s Day is approaching and we see l’amour everywhere! I’ve never been a romantic girl, expecting flowers and heart-shaped chocolate box. Actually, they embarrass me a little bit. But, if my husband doesn’t remember February 14th I will go with him like Phoebe when she was mad at Ross:
But Valentine’s Day is an excuse to give and receive presents. And I love to give and receive presents. So, if you like to give original gifts, here is a very peculiar list for Valentine’s Day around the world:
During February 14th, Danes men give their loved ones a gaekkebrev (a joke letter). A funny poem or rhyme written on an intricate cut paper. Signed only with dots, one for each letter in the person’s name. If the recipient guesses the identity of the sender, they receive a confectionery egg on Easter Sunday. So, if you want to receive an egg for next Easter Sunday, now you know what to do.
Valentine’s Day in South Korea is not only celebrated one day. They start on February 14th, when women shower men with fine chocolates. If the receiver gives a present to the same woman on March 14th, known as White Day, everybody is happy. Then comes the Black Day, April 14th. Gloomy singles, who didn’t receive any goodies, gather together in restaurants to sympathize each other while eating black noodles, or jajangmyeon.
Welsh don’t celebrate Saint Valentine on February 14th. Instead, they celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron of lovers, on January 25th. The traditional gift between lovers is the lovespoon. Welsh men carved complex wooden spoons as a symbol of affection for the women they love. The designs came to have specific meanings: a horseshoe for luck, bells for a wedding and, of course, hearts for love.
Yet, you don’t have to carve a wooden spoon or make a funny rhyme up to show your love for a personalized gift. Here are some options that Thiiis Much brings to you to celebrate love in a very customized way.
Coffee mugs, square pillows, tote bags, and phone cases are the perfect gifts to celebrate your love. You can add his/her name and customize your face in the illustration. You can also make it in your own language: I love you Thiiiis Much, Ich dich sooo sehr, Te amo asiii de mucho…
Tell him you love him biiig time whenever he… sleeps,
drinks his coffee,
or answer his phone.
And he will think of you all day long. That’s for sure!
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Thank you for reading me until the end!

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