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Boo-tiful Halloween Party Decoration Kit

Hold on tight and be prepared for the surprises Thiiis Much is cooking for you. I know you love to give presents, I know you love to celebrate and, of course, I know you love to party! And more than that, you love your parties to be original, taking care of every detail.  So I am designing printable party kits for you.  What a better holiday to start than Halloween! Halloween parties have them all: treats, costumes and tons of surprises.
So take a look at the this Halloween party kit. It is printable so you can get as many items as you need. This dessert table kit shows that a Halloween party can be spooky but still be very cute.
The Halloween party kit includes:
2 cupcake wraps
4 water bottle labels/napkin rings
1 popcorn/favors box
4 table stands/treat bag toppers
12 2” party circles/cupcake toppers
14 straw flags
For better results, I would recommend you to print it in cardstock paper silk or semigloss finish 8.5” x 11” sheets color white. This kind of paper can be purchased from office supply stores or online. But regular white  8.5” x 11” paper sheets also work well.
To make this party kit even better, I have a 25% off coupon waiting for all my “email list party pals
As a bonus, I want to show you these awesome makeup ideas I found at Pinterest, great for last minute costumes.
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So let’s start Trick or Treating!

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