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10 tips to get focused like a Zen master.

Focus. Every time I say this word to my eight years old son, he laughs at me. My Latin American accent makes me sounds like I’m saying a very bad word. : /

Having an online store is a tough job. A delightful and super fun job, but a tough job after all. Besides, there are a lot of distractions around, especially if you work from home, and have little children, like me. For this reason, instead of working more we should work better, and be more efficient in our daily work.
This is why we need to focus! This doesn’t mean we are going to work fewer hours. It is about to be more productive during those hours, and the satisfaction of getting things done. To see results, my dear, and do the “accomplishment” little dance at the end of the day.
Tracing our objectives and focusing on them will make us less dispersed, less tired and be more productive. This is why, amiga mia, I’m sharing with you some bits of advice to get focused.
So let’s get started:

1.- Be realistic. When establishing goals, we must be realistic with our own capacities. We can only perform according to our available time and resources. If we work alone, we cannot compare ourselves to those working with a complete team behind their business.

2.- Set your own vision. Write down in detail your final goal and establish objectives to reach it. Set deadlines for your objectives: where you want to be in six months, a year, in three years.
3.- After establishing goals and deadlines, reduce them to simple tasks that can be done in a matter of hours. Plan your project very well and set priorities for daily activities.
4.- Design your mornings. Write down a realistic to-do list the night before. This list also may allow you to enjoy your life. Never forget that working is for getting the like you want, and rest and fun are vital within the creative process. Try to work eight hours a day at the most. If your family duties don’t allow you that amount of hours then assume you are going to work less than that. But make sure you are enjoying the moments dedicated to you and your family.
5.- Be disciplined. Turn off all distractions: phone, Facebook, TV and focus on production. Seek the schedule that fits you better. Do not interrupt a task to start another. Finish what you already started.
6.- Do the things that need to be done. Even if you don’t feel like it. When doing them try to be as much efficient as you can be. Find the way to enjoy those things you don’t like so much, like learning how to improve them and new tendencies. Good music also works well.
7.- Keep yourself motivated. Feed your life with positive input. Productive people stay motivated because they refuse to quit when challenges or setbacks arrive.
8.- Surround yourself with positive and inspirational people. These people can encourage you and support you during those “not-so-happy” days that will come.
9.- Write down your goals and keep them in sight. When you know where are you going, and focus on it, you will get there. Keep this list and read it every time you feel moony.
10.- Once you have achieved your goals or feel you are very close, look around you. Try something new, look for inspiration. Sometimes the line to get our dreams is not so straight.
These are my 10 tips. Of course, there are different ways to stay focused, but these ones have worked for me during the last year.
Before finish this post, I invite you to print (for free Ü) this art wall and hang it in your work area. It will help you keep you FOCUS… Darling!


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