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Monsteras, succulents, cactus… 10 elements to decorate with plants.

I insist, summer is my favorite season, and one of the things I enjoy the most about summer is the green explosion around us. I’m from Caracas, Venezuela, where the green is everywhere and all year around. So now that I live in a not so green city, I fill my house with indoor plants.
We want our home to be not only pretty and fashion but also to be cozy and with character. You will get a happier and healthier place when you connect with nature and bring it inside your house.
For those who are not so good with plants and will let die even cactus (like me), I bring a solution. Add color and freshness to your home decoration with these plant art prints.  They are printable so you can hang them on your wall once you click the checkout button. Have your own urban jungle, no water required.
With the Oh so fashion! nordic style, what a better way to add color within all that whiteness, than with green plants. They bring life and freshness to your space.
The great thing about succulents is that they are easy to take care of. But these ones, you hang them on their frame and voila!
Is trendy, you save space and look very cool to hang your plants in this shelf or with macramé.
Now I want to talk with you about other makers. I bring you these creators you can find on Etsy,  to give you some original ideas about indoor gardens and how to decorate your home with plants.
This shop from Canada, sell wonderful objects handmade in ceramic. But my favorites are the hanging planters. The artist mix pastel colors and delicate geometric patterns with the natural earth tones. Your succulents will look chicer in this planters for sure.
These guys, also from Canada, are absolutely amazing!
1.- They make beautiful plant stands inspired by the 1950’s. Pieces that will add tons of style to your living room.
2.- The wood they use come from barns, factories, homes and other old structures that are going to be torn down. So, when they reuse the wood that has already been milled, they’re reducing the amount of deforestation and protecting the planet.
3.- For every item purchased at their Etsy shop, they plant one tree.
Another great example of a successful environmental entrepreneur. Thank you Thiiis Much guys! Your work is astounding!
This hanging macramé shelf is 100% handmade. Made with cotton rope and recycled pine board, cut and sanded by hand. This girl from Israel make all her products with a peaceful mind and a loving heart. We must take home all this positive energy.
This ceramic planter comes from Israel as well. Your succulent arrangement will stand out in this elegant piece. Her products are 100% handmade and combine handmade texture with geometrical patterns. Check out her other products. You will love them.
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