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4+1 succesful environmental entrepreneurs.

My older brother always asks himself: since when our Cynthia is so “green”? And I think I’ve been “green” for as long as I can remember. If you are like me, don’t you want to slap on the wrist somebody who leaves the faucet open when brushing his/her teeth? I do. Every time I go mountain hiking I pick up the litter people leave behind on the path. I can’t stand it. 

I don’t understand how nowadays people don’t have the awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment. But in this post, I won’t talk about those people. Instead, I will focus on those that, among all the difficulties involved in entrepreneurship, also have the audacity of worry about reducing the negative impact on our Mother Nature. Even better, they send a message to their clients on their products and services. Here are some:


This beautiful jewelry workshop is located in the middle of the woods of Garrotxa Mountains (Girona, Spain). In each piece, you can feel the love and respect for the surrounding nature. Their products are completely handmade and they work with local producers. Their packaging materials are 100% organic. Wearing any of the pieces made by this couple will take you directly to the woods like Snow White.   



Moms know how delicate baby skin is, and we want to protect them from all the bad things that can be around. The fabrics used on their baby products are 100% cotton, and they ensure everything is pre-washed to remove as much chemical residue from the fabric’s manufacturing process as possible. Their dribble bits, blankets, and playmats are completely handmade, and 10% of their profit is sent to charities helping needed moms and babies throughout Australia. Standing ovation for you, girl!



For those who think being “green” is boring, I introduce you ConffettiLaneUK. This shop sale all about confetti time with an environmental awareness. Their beautiful confetti is made with biodegradable paper and flowers petals naturally dried.



It is an incredible studio that design furniture, lamps, and other artifacts. They use concrete and wood to create pieces, both functional and sculptural, considering its carbon footprint during the whole creating process. From their workshop in Brooklyn NY, they bet for time durable pieces above the disposable character of the furniture we found on the market. Bravo!



In Thiiis Much, I have chosen printable and made to order products to reduce the waste you create when doing more products that won’t be sold. Also, printable products eliminate the entire delivery carbon footprint Ü. Whenever I have a series production I solemnly pledge myself to go with community sources and biodegradable materials.


Fortunately, there are a lot more successful, and adorable environmental entrepreneurs, but I don’t have enough space here. I want to invite other entrepreneurs to think about it and make the effort to reduce the carbon footprint during their products manufacturing process. And if you are a shopper, try to buy from small, artisan shops. They are environmentally more friendly than the mass production ones. Pachamama will appreciate it.  

Thank you for reading me till the end! Most of the time I write about gifts ideas, but sometimes I like to talk about very serious things ;). If you want to receive my post in your email, subscribe to my newsletter HERE.


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