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16 amazing things, to complete your summer shopping list.

Are you as eager as me to go on vacation? For me, the last couple of months have been a real “mess”, “earthquake”, “twister”, “rebulú”, you name it.  Business and personal stuff mixed all together. However, some things take their own natural flow and some other not that much.
Despite all that “run-run” (“correcorre” as we say in Venezuela) I realized summer has arrived, and I decided to design new stuff to get some relaxing time. So, grab your sunglasses, your pamela hat, and your iced tea, and enjoy all the cool things Thiiis Much brings to you.
You will love these new illustrations because they are the perfect gift you deserve after a year of hard work. Choose from art prints, mugs, beach towels, wall clocks, and tons of more stuff.
This pretty design brings the colors of the season and beachgoers doodles, perfect to decorate your house.


“En el mar la vida es más sabrosa”:
With this famous 1950’s song, this design will give a very Caribbean touch to any of our goods.
Never stop exploring:
Summer is the perfect time of the year to get into a van and go explore new places. Do not let routine mess up your adventurous spirit.
…And we must enjoy it! What a better way than going to the beach with any of these accessories.
That’s why I print it in my coffee mug, in my desk, and even in the towel.
For those who dare to get on that surfboard and ride the waves (not me), we have a lot of gifts they will love.
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Also in this post, I want to share with you other things that you can find at Etsy store from other makers. The following are my favorites of the whole modern world:
The perfect “siesta” is the one you take in a hammock. And if it’s in this cotton one, is the glory!
 If you are like me, that cannot sleep after the sunlight hits your bedroom, this cat shape sleep mask is a must. Sleep longer and prettier.
These red striped slides are the best complement to your beach outfit.
I just fell in love with these paper toys. Ideal for playing with your kids after a beach day.
Enjoy your summer everyone!

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