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12 ideas to get rid of the tie as a Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is around the corner and your brain explodes trying to find a gift for your dad or your husband. We know you always want to be original and surprise your handsome one. This is why Thiiis Much brings you some ideas that he will love and you will end up as the “Queen of the Gifts”.
1. For those who do not start their day until they drink a cup of coffee, this coffee mug is perfect to remind him, early in the morning, how much you love him.
2. Actually, we have the option for those dads that are always in a hurry.
3. If your dad is a runner but also cares about his devices, this laptop sleeve will make him jump for joy.
4. We also have several products special for those superheroes that love to cook on Sundays.
5. All these gifts go perfectly together with our “Dad, I love you Thiiis Much” girl or boy card, either in our standard version or customized. You will be The. Best. Child. Ever! And the best part is that are Instant Download Ü.
6. These cards can be “upgraded” to an 8″ x 10″ art print.
All these super cards and art prints have a 25% for our newsletter subscribers.  Do not miss this opportunity.
If you are very splendid and want to give him a lot of gifts, we made the homework for you. We looked around Etsy and found other makers that offer the following original surprises:
7. With this Spice Set, the Chef of the house will have a blast next grilling weekend.
8. Another adorable gift is this road map T-shirt. This is a 2 in 1 gift. Your son will enjoy playing car race and his dad will love the back massage.
9. If your dad or hubby is a chocolate lover, we found this perfect box.
If you are a crafty daughter/son/wife and enjoy a ton giving a self-made gift, here are a couple of ideas:
10. print your kid’s hands into a prepared piece of wood with an inspirational daddy’s quote art print.
11. Also, take pictures of the children, hanging signs that form a cute phrase to celebrate Father’s Day.
12. Of course, you cannot miss the breakfast in bed, with colorful notes expressing your love. That is a must!
With all these ideas, let’s celebrate with our most handsome, superhero, gentlemen, adorable… Dad.

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